This bundle provides a set of security widgets which are linked to the login state of the user:

Furthermore, tools to trigger a login and a logout are provided.


Depending of the selected security mode, a UI appears on startup or a redirect to a login endpoint is performed. After validating the user credentials the user is redirected to the original app.

For more information about enabling security features in map.apps, see the Administration Guide.

Use Cases

How to register authentication tools

The following tool can be registered in a toolset by calling its tool ID:

Tool ID Component Description
loginTool LoginTool Triggers a login; Tool is only visible if user is not logged in.
logoutTool LogoutTool Triggers a logout; Tool is only visible if user is logged in.

How to register login-widgets in a template

Each of the following widgets can be registered in a template by calling its widget role:

Widget Role Component Description
username UsernameWidget Displays the username (deprecated)
logoutBtn LogoutBtn Displays a logout button (deprecated)
loginBtn LoginBtn Displays a login button (deprecated)
loginUI LoginUI Displays a login dialog
authenticationInfo AuthenticationInfoWidget An alternative way to display Login/Logout UI userinfos

How to change the default username template

The account name shown in the username widget is configured in the UsernameWidget component:

"authentication": {
    "UsernameWidget": {
        // defines which account name element should be shown (for example ${givenname} or ${sn})
        "usernameTemplate": "${name}" // default value

How to hide authentication widgets or disable redirecting on logout in embedded mode

Per default, all widgets provided through this bundle are shown with respect to the user's login state. However, the AuthenticationWidgetController component can be used to disable specific widget.

"authentication": {
    "AuthenticationWidgetController": {
        // default is true for all properties here
        "showLoginButton": false,
        "showLogoutButton": false,
        // redirect on logout
        "disableRedirectInEmbeddedMode": false

How to specify the displayed user infos

Per default, the user's given name (${givenname}), surname (${sn}), Email address (${mail}) and thumbnail (${thumbnail}) are displayed in the authenticationInfo widget are displayed. This behavior can be configured in the AuthenticationInfoWidget component:

"authentication": {
    "AuthenticationInfoWidget": {
        "userInfosToDisplay": ["givenname", "sn", "mail", "thumbnail"]

How to refresh the app on logout instead of a redirect to the login page

By default, a user is redirected to the configured login page after logout. To refresh the viewed page after logout, activate the refreshPage property.

"authentication": {
    "RedirectOnLogout": {
        "refreshPage": true // default value is: false