This bundle provides a default popup definition to show details of map features with little configuration effort. It displays attributes in a grid layout and shows attachments if the layer provides attachments.


To use default popups, add this bundle to your app.

This bundle interprets the popupType value default at popup templates.

For more information about how to disable the default popup mechanism, how to use your own popup implementation as a default, or how to use this popup definition for specific layers only, see the popups bundle configuration.

Configuration reference

The following configuration options apply for all layers in an app. To customize the default popup behavior for a sinlge layer, see Customize the popup of a single layer.

The following code sample shows all configurable properties and their default values:

"popups-default": {
    "Config": {
        "defaultTitle": "Object",
        "excludedFields": [
        "enableAttachments": true,
        "attachmentsDisplayType": "list",
        "places": 2,
        "digitSeparator": true,
        "dateFormat": "short-date-short-time-24",
        "preferDefaultPopupTemplate": false,
        "hideEmptyFields": false
Property Type Description
defaultTitle String A static fallback title (see Title of default popups).
excludedFields Array of Strings Defines a case insensitive list of fields that are not displayed in popups. To display all fields, set "excludedFields": [].
enableAttachments Boolean To always hide attachments, set this property to false.
attachmentsDisplayType String To show attachments as links, use list. To show a thumbnail of each attachment, use preview.
places Number Number of decimal places for a single or double float number.
digitSeparator Boolean Defines, if numerical values are displayed with a number separator.
dateFormat String Defines how date values are formatted. For possible values, see dateFormat in the ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript documentation.
preferDefaultPopupTemplate Boolean To use the default popup template that is added to layers by the ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript, set this value to true.
hideEmptyFields Boolean To hide empty fields from the grid layout, set this value to true.

Title of default popups

The title of default popups is determined dynamically by rules in the following priority:

  1. A custom title is configured at the popupTemplate of the layer.
  2. A displayField is available in the layer.
  3. A title from the property defaultPopupTemplate is available.
  4. A objectIdField is available in the layer.

The property defaultTitle is used as a fallback if none of the rules apply.

Use cases

Customize the popup of a single layer

To customize the popup of a certain layer, set the config property in its popupTemplate. To customize the title, use the title property.

The following code sample shows how to customize the popup of a layer:

"layers": [
        "popupTemplate": {
            "popupType": "default",
            "title": "My Object: {objectid}",
            "config" : {
                // works as addition to global configured excluded fields
                "excludedFields": [
                "places": 4